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PLOVr's Vision

PLOVR (Provincetown League of Visionary Revolutionaries) is a radical queer collective based in Provincetown, Massachusetts. We represent an intersectional, intergenerational, queer, and allied base of permanent, seasonal, and transient residents with a roster that is ever-expanding across the spectrums of identity.



Our mission is to promote the inclusivity, creativity, and wellness that has historically been integral to Provincetown’s culture and progression. As a collective, we believe in:

  • Committing to racial justice and reimagining a more equitable community while centering and amplifying BIPOC and immigrant voices,

  • Proliferating the growth of queer community and cultivating a haven for all queer ideas, bodies, identities, and joy,

  • Exhibiting and supporting queer art, creativity, and experimentation in private and public spheres,

  • Advocating and collaborating on initiatives that make Provincetown financially accessible for all queer folx who choose to visit and/or root here,

  • Promoting equitable labor practices and supporting queer-owned, non-white, and cooperative-owned businesses,

  • Creating and nurturing open community spaces for dialogue, education, gathering, sobriety, spirituality, personal and collaborative needs,

  • Fostering the mental, physical, and spiritual wellness of Provincetown’s population and promoting ideas that create healthier communities,

  • Advocating for the health of our environment and proactive commitment to it’s preservation and restoration,

  • Advancing models of holistic, community-centered public safety; and,

  • Supporting systems of governance that embrace humility, accept accountability and represent our diversifying community.

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